Community & Residential Security

Community & Residential SecurityWe find great satisfaction in knowing that the residents we protect are able to sleep with peace-of-mind, knowing their families are safe and secure. Protecting communities and residential properties requires a customized solution that is tailored to the uniqueness of each client. Parking Enforcement, assisting with Code Compliance, Disturbance, Alarm and Incident Response are all tools Westex employs to foster a tranquil and safe community atmosphere. Westex Post Orders are customized to each community’s preferences and requirements. We are the ready outreach and extended helping hand of the property management or community board or leadership.

Westex provides community and residential security services for:

Undeveloped Land
Projects Under Construction
Low-Rise Condominiums & Apartments
Mid-Rise Condominiums & Apartments
High-Rise Condominiums & Apartments
Multi-Unit Housing Developments
Gated Communities
Private Residences & Estates
Ranches & Farms

Westex offers a wide range of community and residential security solutions including:

Vulnerability Assessment
Access Control
Parking Security, Monitoring & Enforcement
Facility Protection
Armed and Unarmed Security Guards and Courtesy Officers
Community Patrols
Concierge Services
Electronic Security Integration
Command Center Operations
Alarm Monitoring
CPR / First Aid / AED
Emergency Response & Planning
Special Event Security
Tenant Protection
Estate Protection

To learn how Westex can improve your community and residential security program, please contact us anytime.