About Westex Security Services, Inc.

About Westex Security Services, Inc.

Westex Security Services, Inc. is proud to be a privately held company with our corporate office based in Houston, Texas.

Westex provides personal and corporate security services to clients in a wide range of industries. Westex’s success is attributed to the organization of professionals that uphold our principles of providing the highest standards of excellence in service and integrity.

We have experienced consistent, rapid, and quality growth of our Company, which provides the highest quality of a full range of security services, all geared to the instructions and best interests of our diverse client base. Westex has succeeded under the leadership of its founder, and current President and CEO Stephanie Rutledge, since the inception of our Company by following our core values and principles of honesty, ethics, integrity, faith, and affordable quality service. Our goal is to provide a high standard of professionalism and customer service, as we build a long-lasting relationship with our clients.

We like to think of our important role in providing security for our clients as “Earning Client Trust…by Providing the Highest Quality Protective Services…One Client at a Time.” This philosophy and attitude extends throughout the employees and customer relations of Westex, in turn creating a positive, safe, and secure environment for our clients at all times.

Westex is honored by the opportunities and responsibilities that we face for our valued clients on a daily basis. Our Company fully understands and respects that our trained employees are regularly entrusted to protect and provide security for what is often highly valued, sensitive, proprietary, and confidential information of our clients. So whether our specific scope of security services involves protection of our client’s personnel, property, documents, technology, or information, Westex takes its duties very seriously. If you would like to learn more about how Westex can be your trusted provider of security services, please contact us, and a representative of our Company will be prompt in our follow up contact to discuss your needs in greater detail. In closing, we really look forward to Westex being a part of your success, and in serving your specific security needs, all with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism. If your firm would like to learn more about how Westex can contribute to the success of your business or the safety of your key personnel or family members, please contact us.