Retail Shopping Center Security

 Retail Shopping Center SecurityProviding security for retail businesses and shopping centers requires a delicate balance of customer service and vigilance. Theft, shoplifting, property damage and vandalism are just a few of the many threats that face retail businesses today. From high-end boutiques to heavily tracked shopping malls, Westex has experience protecting customers, employees, inventory and property.

Westex provides and retail security services for:

Shopping Centers
Shopping Malls
Outdoor Markets
Special Events

Westex offers companies a retail security services including:

Vulnerability Assessment
Access Control & Monitoring
Inventory Protection & Control
Facilities Protection
Patrol Services
Security Guards
Parking Security, Monitoring & Enforcement
Employee & Contractor Screening
Alarm Monitoring
Command Center Control & Monitoring
Emergency Response & Planning
Electronic Security Integration
Personnel Training

To learn how Westex can improve your retail shopping center security program, please contact us anytime.