Logistics & Intermodal Transportation Security

Logistics & Intermodal Transportation SecurityToday’s complex global economy runs on a network of interdependent parts. A loss or temporary failure of any part could bring the entire supply chain to a stop. Maintaining a safe and efficient logistics security program will keep your business moving. An effective security presence at the entry to nay port facility, distribution center or warehouse can reduce thefts of cargo and establish accountability for each load shipped. Documentation is able to be verified and confirmed, impaired drivers identified and addressed internally, the use of proper equipment confirmed and safe workplace practices enforced. A security presence in the warehouse or storage yard supported by closed circuit television cameras and incident driven investigative or forensic software are able to make quick work of identifying those whose priorities don’t match the companies or the communities. Specialized services to support CTPAT are also available.

Westex provides distribution and logistics security services for:

Trucking Companies Serving Intermodal Logistics Operations
Freight & Shipping Companies
Air Freight
Marine Freight
Warehouses & Distribution Centers
Telecommunication Centers
Freight Forwarders
International Shipments

Westex offers companies a wide range of logistics and transportation security services including:

Real-time Incident Reporting
Yard Management
Vulnerability Assessment
Access Control
Facilities Protection
Security Guards
Patrol Services
Alarm Monitoring
Command Center Control & Monitoring
Emergency Response & Planning
Electronic Security Integration

To learn how Westex can improve your distribution and logistics security program, please contact us anytime.