Video Surveillance

Video SurveillanceWestex provides physical security with surveillance cameras and monitors which may be integrated with access control, intrusion detectors and other facility technology through a video management system (VMS) or physical security information management system (PSIM).

Video surveillance is a useful, cost-effective way to maintain surveillance over property, vehicles and contractors, visitors, employees and guests to your property or facility. The archived footage is valuable as a record for incident driven investigations. Video surveillance is frequently deployed in the following facility or property areas:

Shipping & Receiving Areas
Reception Areas, Passenger Elevators, Service Elevators, Hallways & All Points of Perimeter Access
Perimeter Approaches
Parking Surface Lots, Garages or Property Grounds
Storage Areas
Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) Rooms
Server Rooms
Cashier Stations, Vaults and High Value Storage Closets or Safes
Jewelry Displays
Recreation Facilities
Production Areas
Counting Rooms
Gaming and Casino Applications
Transportation or Intermodal Facilities

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