Security Monitoring Center

Security Monitoring CenterOur local Security Monitoring Center (SMC) responds to incident and emergency reports, documents all nighttime transactions with our field security officers and supervisors and produces a detailed report of all shift change activities and significant incidents. The SMC receives and records officers’ calls to confirm that the officer is on duty at their scheduled time and immediately notifies a supervisor if the officer fails to call in due to a procedural oversight or a delay in arrival.

Real time monitoring and reporting supports real time management. Late relief officers or open posts are identified quickly and appropriate action taken by Westex supervisory or management personnel, twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

Westex security officers are supported by SMC supervisors when significant incidents arise, providing guidance and real time on scene back up for our field officers located at our client facilities. In an emergency, when the value of decision making is at a premium and minutes count, our officers at your locations will never be left to address an incident without support. Westex SMC personnel will immediately communicate any significant incident to our client contacts.

To learn how Westex’s security monitoring center can efficiently protect your life and property, please contact us anytime.