Media & Entertainment Security

Media & Entertainment SecurityThe proliferation of the Internet and mobile devices has exponentially magnified the spotlight placed on media and entertainment productions and professionals. The ease of access to information has placed increasing challenges on privacy and security. Within seconds, a confidential memo or private personal moment could be broadcast to millions of people around the world. The result could be threats made to your local production of a film, your featured star or a key supporting production contractor. If the phrase time is money were ever true, it is most certainly true during the filming of theatrical productions, special events, commercials, corporate events or private parties. Corporate events and trade shows may also be the target of fringe elements dedicated to disrupting the event in order to obtain news coverage for their perspective. Westex offers services to significantly increase the assurance that your event or production is safe and free or unscheduled disruption or intrusion.

Westex provides media and entertainment security services for:

Film Production Crews and Caterers
Television Productions
Commercial Shoots
Awards Ceremonies
Sporting Events
Public Appearances
Trade Shows
Private Events
Sports Figures
Industry Executives

Westex offers a wide range of media and entertainment security services including:

Access Control
Threat Assessments
Personal Bodyguards
Security Guards, Armed and Unarmed
Patrol Services
Transportation Security
Employee & Contractor Screening
Training & Collaboration with Clients’ Security Personnel
Technology Protection
Event Security Planning & Implementation
Stalking Investigations

To learn how Westex can improve your media and entertainment security program, please contact us anytime.