Construction Site Security

Construction Site SecurityWhen time matter most and the project schedule is at risk, tire locks, chains and lighting is frequently not enough to deter construction equipment thieves. Once outside the US, the secondary market in stolen construction equipment is easy for thieves to access. Construction sites draw vagrants, the curious and children inside the perimeter where they may become accident victims.

The ingress and egress to your construction site of contractors should de documented to avoid unnecessary charges or opportunities for construction materials to leave the jobsite. Westex security officers, either armed or unarmed, will assist in assuring your projects costs remain low and your project schedule remains intact. For select sites, alarm technology combined with video surveillance and a patrol response service may be the most cost effective approach. For manned sites, Westex security officers may be trained in the administration of First Aid, CPR or the use of AEDs.

Westex provides equipment and construction site security services for:

During Critical Construction Phases
Undeveloped Land Pre Construction
Projects Under Construction
Following a Site Incident
Immediately Prior to Site Occupancy in order to Maintain site Integrity

Westex offers a wide range of equipment and construction site security solutions including:

Vulnerability Assessment
Site and High Value Property Access Control
Security, Monitoring
Armed and Unarmed Security Guards and Courtesy Officers
Electronic Security Integration
Alarm Monitoring
CPR / First Aid / AED
Emergency Response & Planning
Patrol Services
Perimeter Integrity Assurance Services with Guard Patrol Proof of Performance Documentation

To learn how Westex can improve your equipment and construction site security program, please contact us anytime.