Personal & Executive Protection

Personal & Executive ProtectionIn the dynamic threat matrix confronting corporations with global business interests and the environment of global tension in which they conduct business operations, insuring the continuity of leadership is a critical objective.

Sports figures, foreign dignitaries, successful wealthy families or individuals, the famous and the talented have all been targets of extortion, kidnapping attempts, direct physical assault and indirect assault, such as the paparazzi, represent an intrusion into basic liberties and rights to privacy cherished by all. Photographers pursued Princess Diana until her driver could no longer compensate for the danger inherent in their extreme conduct. What difference would a second dedicated support vehicle have made to her future and the lives of her children?

Westex Security Services provides personal protection and executive bodyguard services for corporate executives, sports and entertainment figures, domestic and foreign government officials, high-net-worth individuals and families. Our personal and executive protection services can be provided on an as-needed or permanent basis both domestically and abroad.

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