Disaster & Emergency Response

Disaster & Emergency ResponseProtecting the lives of stakeholder personnel and contractors, fixed assets and mobile high value assets during disasters and emergencies starts with proper planning services.

Westex creates emergency and disaster response plans customized to the individual needs of our clients. We train our personnel and stakeholder’s representatives on the execution of the plan mutually agreed upon by Westex and our clients.

Westex works with federal, state and local government organizations to ensure our clients have access to the vital resources needed to run their business.

Westex is able to facilitate table top exercises and drills to validate the plans effectiveness and instill in those protected by the plan a reaction honed by experience and repetition. When lives and property are at stake, minutes count. Regular drills insure our client’s employees and contractors are prepared to face many of the challenges an emergency situation will create.

To learn how Westex Security Services can protect your company’s personnel, property and valuable assets with a comprehensive disaster and emergency response program, please Contact Us.