Government Security

Government SecurityLocal, State and Federal government agencies are under increased budgetary constraints. Outsourcing their security needs to a trusted, reliable local firm can provide them with superior services at a reduced overall cost.

Westex’s support of our government’s security has been recognized through the National Leadership Award and the Patriot Award.

National Leadership Award

Westex’s unwavering support of our nation’s security and military personnel has made us one of the few nationally recognized government security companies. Our firm has been honored with the National Leadership Award and the Patriot Award.

Patriot Award

Recipient of the Patriot Award for contributing to our nation’s security and protecting freedom and liberty. Westex was also recognized for our support of employee participation in America’s National Guard and Reserve Force. Support Our Troops!

Westex provides governmental security services for:

Courts, Administrative Services and Offender Probation and Parole Services
Local, State and Federal Service Agency Buildings
Ports & Port Authorities
Parks & Museums
Transportation & Transportation Authorities
Government Research Centers
Utilities & Infrastructure
Medical Centers and Colleges of Medicine

Westex offers a wide range of government facility security solutions including:

Vulnerability Assessment and Crime Analysis
Access Control
Parking Security, Monitoring & Enforcement
Facilities Protection
Threat Assessments
Security Guards Armed and Unarmed
Patrol Services
Electronic Security Integration
Command Center Operations
Alarm Monitoring
Emergency Response & Planning
Special Event Security
Employee Escorts & Personal Protection
Corrections Support
Screening and Metal Detection
Documented Compliance with Regulatory Requirements
Proof of Performance Guard Tour Watch Systems

To learn how Westex can improve your governmental security program, please contact us anytime.