Security Officer Training & Development

Security Officer TrainingAt Westex, our clientele is diverse and to ensure that our security officers are prepared to meet the day-to-day changing challenges, Westex is committed to the education, training and development of each team member.

We invest substantial time and resources into our comprehensive security officer training program. Each Westex security officer has the opportunity and encouragement to grow and reach their full personal and professional potential. Our programs provide Westex officers with the tools to succeed and opportunity for internal promotions.

Westex security officer candidates must first pass our employment screening process and then meet our strict hiring standards. Those chosen then undergo classroom and field training. Since each client’s needs are unique, we have site specific training to meet their requirements.

Westex provides security training for our security officers in a wide range of disciplines including:

Fundamentals of Security
Client Service Skills
Appearance & Uniforms
Safety Defensive Driving Principles
Emergency Response
Site Specific Industry Training
Advanced Security Principles
Supervisor & Management
MTSA Mandated Training as Required
Additional Training is Available for Clients with Healthcare Facilities or Sites Designated to be Critical Infrastructure

Westex is determined to maintain the confidence and trust of our clients by providing consistent training for our officers to respond with superior performance and professionalism; Westex quality training makes all the difference.

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*Westex Security Services, Inc., is an Equal Opportunity Employer.