Petrochemical Security Services

Petrochemical SecurityOur nation’s economy is powered through the infrastructure fueled by the petrochemical industry. Securing this critical infrastructure is vital to the global economy. Developing and implementing a comprehensive safety and security program will help protect the public, employees, assets and the environment. Keeping pace with Department of Homeland Security initiatives, industry guidelines and standards and staying abreast of the dynamic nature of the emerging threats matrix is a challenge for the best informed clients. Westex is a responsible addition to the team protecting your petrochemical facility. The training received by our security officers and supervision received by our officers at your facilities is second to none. Take advantage of our experience.

Westex provides petrochemical security services for:

Petroleum Exploration Companies
Crude Oil & Natural Gas Production Companies
Petroleum Product Manufacturers
Petroleum Product Transportation Companies
Petroleum Product Storage Facilities
Corporate and Administrative Facilities and Campuses
Field Production Operations Facilities

\Westex offers companies a wide range of petrochemical security services including:

Vulnerability Assessment
Crime Analysis
Critical Infrastructure Protection Services
Access Control
Facilities Protection
Site, Materials & Equipment Protection
Inventory Control
Patrol Services
Security Guards, Armed and Unarmed
Security Patrol Services
Employee & Contractor Screening
Alarm Monitoring
Command Center Control & Monitoring
Emergency Response & Planning
Electronic Security Integration
Parking Security, Monitoring & Enforcement
Personnel Training
Medical Emergency Response
Safety Training and Compliance Services

To learn how Westex can improve your petrochemical security program, please contact us anytime.