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Defense & Aerospace Security

Aerospace SecurityWestex experience and service capabilities place our firm in the elite category of being able to serve those who defend our nation on the ground and in the skies.

Westex is prepared to provide security services to:

US Armed Forces Contractors
NASA Contractors
Contractors with Global communications, Telemetry, Satellite Uplinks or Command and Control Missions

Westex offers a wide range of defense and aerospace security solutions including:

Vulnerability Assessment
Aircraft Protection
Pre-boarding & Post-boarding Services
Cargo Screening
Access Control
Document Verification
Vehicle & Personnel Escort
Security Guards
Patrol Services

To learn how Westex can improve your aerospace and defense security program, please contact us anytime.

Chemical Industry Security

Chemical Industry Security

Chemical Industry SecurityThe Chemical Sector is privately held and has a significant investment in and along the Texas Gulf Coast. Westex is experienced and prepared to support the Chemical Sector with services to evaluate the security posture of their high risk assets. Westex security guard officers are highly trained and able to support critical infrastructure with risk based approaches to physical security protection, the application of security technology to support early alert awareness, alarm response and a proactive posture to threat mitigation and incident reduction. Westex is able to support cost-effective sector wide protective programs that increase asset specific resilience.

Westex provides chemical industry security services for:

Chemical Manufacturers
Chemical Industries Service Providers
Contractors Providing Shutdown and Turnaround Services to the Chemical Manufacturers
Providers of Rail, Sea and Over the Road Chemical Shipments from Chemical Manufacturers and Distribution Centers
Chemical Storage Facilities

Westex offers companies a wide range of chemical industry security services including:

Vulnerability Assessment
Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) Consulting
Access Control
Facilities Protection
Site, Materials & Equipment Protection
Inventory Control
Patrol Services
Armed and Unarmed Security Guards
Employee & Contractor Screening
Alarm Monitoring
Command Center Control & Monitoring
Emergency Response & Planning
Electronic Security Integration
Parking Security, Monitoring & Enforcement
Personnel Training

To learn how Westex can improve your chemical security program, please contact us anytime.

Storage Security

Storage Security

Storage SecurityStorage facilities, whether climate and access controlled urban locations, traditional boat and car storage structures or temporary storage for construction activities, are ideal targets for criminal activity due to their concentration of high-valued assets, transient activity and the user’s distress typically associated with the requirement for storage services. For publicly accessible facilities, the high rate of incoming and outgoing traffic creates additional complexities for securing the safety of customers, employees and the storage property many of which also have live in management. Typically storage facilities are accessible 24/7/365 and experience peaks in traffic due to holidays or seasonal changes. Creating a scalable storage security program will help to protect life and assets. Risk mitigation and effective revenue collection improve the organizations’ return on investment.

Westex provides storage security services for:

Public Storage Facilities in Urban Areas
Boat and Vehicle Storage Facilities
Long Term Temporary Storage Supporting Construction
Corporate Storage and Preservation Facilities
Vehicle & Fleet Storage Facilities
High Value Property Storage Facilities and Redundant or Back Up Operations Centers

Westex offers companies a wide range of storage security services including:

Vulnerability Assessment
Crime Analysis
Access Control
Facilities Protection
Storage Facility Security, Monitoring & Enforcement
Patrol Services
Security Guards, Armed and Unarmed
Alarm Monitoring and Response
Command Center Control & Monitoring
Electronic Security Integration
Security of Equipment, Supplies & Inventory

To learn how Westex can improve your storage security program, please contact us anytime.